Author Topic: Morgan - "... it feels good to be in a baseball city"  (Read 2423 times)

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Now people are finally seeing what I've been saying all along about this trash bum Morgan. I got a ton of hate for the past year being Morgans biggest not-fan, but now what I saw in him all along is becoming clearly evident. This guy was trash, and the team is infinitely better off for having him the hell out of DC. Good riddance, Morgan, we won't miss you. Can't wait until you're trashing Milwaukee in another year or two. That's assuming you're still playing and haven't received a lifetime ban for going nuts and beating the crap out of a player or fan. Which seems like a good possibility at this point, lunatic.

Interesting thing about Morgan is that he is polarizing, the general consensus was that people loved him, up to the point when his quality of play slipped and he had a series of melt downs, and then he became the focus of anger for much of the fan base.  In a vacuum, he would be a better option in CF than Ankiel, but he was no longer happy in DC so we weren't getting his best effort and he had to go.  I say good riddance, but it was fun watching the little guy take out anyone who dared stand within three feet of the base paths or charge a pitcher twice his size.