Author Topic: Morgan - "... it feels good to be in a baseball city"  (Read 1590 times)

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Basically, the process was the Nats wanted to get rid of me.  And basically, you know, I figure one man's trash is another man's treasure in my eyes.  And, basically, it feels good to be in a baseball city, with people who understand my game and love the aggressiveness and the hard work and the hard play I bring.

The confidence that these young men have.  I didn't understand that there was gonna be great pitching here, too.  And the team camaraderie has been unbelievable.  For me, it's fun again.  I haven't been on a three-game winning streak in about two years now, so this actually feels unbelievable.

That's my better half, I think.  Right now, you're talking to Mr. Nyjer Morgan, but basically on the field everyone sees Tony Plush, a hard-working individual that loves to play and leave it all out on the field. ... It was basically me and my friends back home, around the age of 19 or 20, we called ourselves the Rat Pack.  It was three of us.  Basically, my friends gave me the name Tony Plush, and basically I kind of self-entitled my own name.  I don't think a lot of people are self-entitled, but I guess I'm a strange individual. ... That's not a made-up name!  You're talking to him, man!

The writer ends the article with "I love this man."

Hmm. Where have I seen this song and dance before?

This article reads exactly like something one of our bloggers would write in 2009. Enjoy the ride while he's motivated... cause when the bad times come, and they will, you'll be wishing you never had that first taste of "NYJERMANIA".