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CAPS Week 3 - October 18-21
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Quote from: "Nats Bruin"
I just watched the tape and YES the Caps were winning on the scoreboard
but POOR Johnson and for that matter Kolzig in the previous games. The Caps have NO defense and give up way too many shots (been an issue for a long time). Johnson stood on his head, but he wouldn't have had to be such a factor last night if they just had some decent defensemen.

Exactly.  Our defense is not getting the job done at all.  It's even worse when they are a man short.  Everyone says a point is a point, but you do not let games like this one just slip away.  They will surely come back to haunt you.
BTW, what has happened to our shootout guys?  They look lost.  We have lost more overtime games than any other team in the NHL.