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Please Click
« Topic Start: October 17, 2006, 10:49:15 AM »
The clicks do help, albeit very slowly. Those clicks could count for a lot more if the web site's daily hit/click count could be increased. According to the Snopes article, 1.3 free mammograms per day. I have access to more than just this computer so upping the number of clicks from just this computer to the six I have access to, doesn't make much more of a dent, but it will help the click count rise faster.

Since I'm either working at one of those six computers, or close enough that I can easily load the site each day and click, why not take the few seconds and just do it... Works for me, but best of all it works for 470 (and with enough people's help, hopefully that number will grow) women a year, who aren't able to afford the mammogram...