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Please Click
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A friend of mine just sent me the following information.  I didn't know this before I posted this.   :oops:   So all can be informed, I'm passing it on:

While technically true, there is significant misleading information in these types of soliciting.  Here's what has to say.

At The Breast Cancer Site, you can "donate" clicks towards the provision of mammograms for underprivileged women in the U.S. And it's no scam, even if it's not exactly as described in the e-mailed exhortation to become part of this.

Unlike the way things are explained in the e-mail, one click does not magically provide a mammogram to a needy woman ? it takes 45,000 clicks, not just one. Averaging 58,000 clicks a day, The Breast Cancer Site provides funding for approximately 1.3 mammograms a day. Visitors are also not prohibited from clicking more than once; they just can't do so more than once a day.
Sponsors become involved with this site (and others like it) as a form of advertising and public relations and thus are willing to pay for their messages to be viewed by consumers. They pay, the parent entity of the site, on a per-click basis; directs 75% of the total ad revenue collected to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and keeps the remaining 25% to run the site. (The Breast Cancer Site is not a non-profit entity, so it shouldn't be confused with a charity even though it does direct a significant portion of its revenues to those in need. It exists to make a profit, and that it's still around proves it's succeeding at this.)

I don't want to throw cold water on this, but think that people should have the whole story when deciding how and what to support.