Author Topic: Hernandez WILL make his next start - no surgery for now  (Read 1015 times)

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Just heard an interview on WTOP:  after Hernandez went on a 5 minute cursing tirade in the clubhouse in front of the press corps, he calmed down, and talked to WTOP, and said he will make his next start, and will not opt for surgery right away.

What the F is going on with this club, and Livan?????

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Details please...what was the "cursing tirade" all about...please include ALL the facts.  Thanks.

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Some kind of details will have to come forth eventually... I would love to set my mind at ease and find out that Livan wasn't pissed off at a player. I'm half glad I don't live close enough to RFK to be able to wait around after a game for autographs... LOL


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IM sure  you all know the story by now.  However when I posted this it was a breaking news item, and I gave you ALL the information that I had.  

IM not withholding anything, i just simply  only gave what I knew.   Thats all.