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Re: Space. The Final Frontier.
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It would be very surreal to see census reports like this:

Earth: Pop.=10 bil.
Luna:  Pop.=300 (123 engineers/scientists, 70 residential, 117 miscellaneous)
Mars:  Pop.=48 Scientists
Europa: Pop. = 25 Scientists* and 12 robots (Short trip)

lol I don't know. Seeing that in video games/movies is cool. It would be even cooler to know we have people living up there doing things.

As depressing as it is to take a step back and realize where we could be, I get your meaning. While I'm not a big fan of the ISS, I love realizing that there's always been at least some humans off the planet for several years now. Beats being a kid and looking at Mir's usage or the occasional Shuttle putting Americans into space a few weeks per year. Now there's always at least a couple humans who aren't on earth every day of the year. Progress, I guess. Until they decommission the ISS in the next decade and we have neither that nor shuttles.