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Re: Space. The Final Frontier.
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It's politics- republicans blindly support defense spending because the world is evil and democrats blindly support defense spending to prove they aren't communists

Yeah, I unfortunately get the how and why. But it just doesn't make sense how we continue to let it happen. Finding out they spent tens of billions on two telescopes we know about, never to use them. Then they are "gifted" for the benefit of mankind instead of death and destruction. And we don't have the money to even just launch and retrofit them, when they could answer fundamental existential questions and generate trillions in discoveries they make on dark matter, dark energy, and finding life elsewhere in the universe.

It's more like realizing that they are given two superior Hubble telescopes, that are going to go to waste, when they were all upset over losing the Hubble and the uncertainty of the JWST... It's totally, fully realizing we are never going to make any efforts in space travel or discovery in my lifetime, and all the dreams of extra planetary travel, discovering dark matter, dark energy, gravitational waves, WIMPs, etc.., I'll never live to see any of those things answered if we can't even launch two superior Hubbles gifted for free. Hell, the US Govt might never launch another man into space sans private industry in my lifetime. It's just depressing to fully realize how little people care about such fundamental and life enriching technological discoveries.