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Re: Space. The Final Frontier.
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No comments on the two free Hubble telescopes our wasteful, useless government has had sitting in warehouses to spy on us for a decade? Then decided they had better and bigger scopes, so gave them to NASA? And NASA, getting two telescopes superior to Hubble, for free, admits they don't have the money, about a billion, to retrofit and launch even one of them until 2024? Even though they are finished, sitting in a warehouse, free? And the second, they admit, there's no chance they have the money for, so they probably won't ever use it?

I mean what the freak. All the science the Hubble has made, two free scopes better than the Hubble, that our government wasted money on and never used to spy on us. And even after they are given to NASA, NASA is so poor it can't even retrofit one and launch on for 12 years, and the other just goes to waste? This is one freaked up country when we can blow trillions on spying, building and never using multibillion dollar pieces of equipment, but for the benefit of humanity and scientific knowledge, we don't have a dime to spare. What a sick world we live in.