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it's okay linty,  slateman is obviously one of those people that isn't happy unless things are blowing up.  I loved that DS9 wasn't flat and one dimensional as he would seem to prefer.  In fact out of the entire show I can only think of one episode that was truly awful.

To each their own :cheers:

(but my own is better :mg: )

Not necessarily. Things didn't have to blow up in BSG for it to be good. But it was dark. It was on edge.

I just felt DS9 took the Disney way out. That could have been a long, hard fought war that was gruesome and costly, both physically and emotionally. But there are really only a couple episodes that I thought it was truly a war. Siege at AR 558 and when Dax is killed.

Its still my favorite Trek series. But, IMO, it had a chance to surpass the Sci Fi genre much in the way that BSG did. Good writing and a couple of gambles by the producers could have paid off. War, hatred, revenge, racism ... all of these could have been utilized much more effectively.

TNG had them sitting in saloons with VR characters. Still a great series.

TNG was different though. It was hopeful. It was about exploration.

DS9 wasn't.

I'm sorry but nats fans should be pretty irate if they don't land Fielder (or somehow magically pull off another trade to improve the o).  The offense was bad last year and they haven't done anything to improve it this offseason.   

I already went on a rant on this. They don't make a legitimate attempt at Fielder, they're telling me that they aren't going to win for two years. We're still on the two year plan.