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I Was Thinking.....
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I was flying from D.C. to Providence yesterday afternoon and I got a call about the plane crashing into the high-rise in New York. I was told that it was unclear if it was a terrorist attack. I was pretty nervous as I boarded and before going to my seat I asked a flight attendant if we were still going to take off:

"Why wouldn't we?" she responded
"A plane went into a high-rise in Manhattan this afternoon", I said.
She comes back, "We've been flying all day and haven't heard anything about that."
She opened the cockpit door and asked the pilot, who was also clue-less!

Another GREAT job by the most #$%ed up organization in America....The Department of Homeland Security. Strap up Folks, I don't care what that snot-nosed cowboy says, WE AREN'T ANY SAFER TODAY.

To transition into more hysterical news:
In the Washington Examiner yesterday, it was reported that Terrel Owens was not happy with his role with the Dallas Cowboys
 :shock:  :shock:  :shock:  :shock:
Gee, according to T.O's botox-lipped publicist, he's got 25 MILLION REASONS to be happy.

As we started our decent into Providence I thought....
Owens is the type of guy who I wish had a pilot license, and Cory Lidle didn't.