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Re: P-Nats 2011
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Figured I'd kick this off with a story about how dilapidated the stadium is in Woodbridge.  The county just appropriated $140k, Art Silber will kick in another $70k, and that's only enough to fix up the clubhouses.  Shouldn't the Nationals kick in some money as well or are big league clubs usually not in the business of helping upgrade facilities for their affiliates?  I can't imagine Strasburg or Harper ever playing here under these conditions.

i will say, the fireworks shows are really good.

While some teams do own some of their affiliates, the great majority of minor league teams are owned independently of it's big league parent. Art Silber, the  P-Nats owner is on his own to make his ownership of the P-Nats successful. Silber's issue is that his agreement with Minor League Baseball requires him to meet a minimum set of standards, and it's his responsibility to meet those standards. He can deal without the county, or anyone else, but ultimately, it's his business on the line.

As for Loudoun, they have an agreement in pace without the independent Atlantic League, but I could see the P-Nats there in the future...