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it's not an issue of someone getting hurt - they have a crappy OF drainage system so they have to cancel games after big rains, even a day or more later.  It's not as if there are big divots in the ground.

Before last Friday's game was cancelled, I watched Lecroix and the Dash coach walk the outfield after a brief shower and the look of disgust on their faces could be seen 200 feet away. But, of course, the fans suffer too.  This year I bought a season package that included opening day and every Friday night home game.  Out of maybe a dozen tickets, I've only been able to use four or five.  All of the other games, including the opener, were cancelled, either because of rain or a wet field.  On several times the weather was fine, but the outfield had not drained from the day before.  I honestly don't see the wisdom of buying a season plan if that what you get.