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Re: Matt Antonelli - Live Chat COMPLETED 2/16/11
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Modern has been the "it" place for about a decade, right?  It wins The Advocate's polls.  Truth be told, I have not been back to Pepe's maybe since 2001.  When I first lived down here before '98, I used to time my trips north so I would hit Pepe's at 11:30 on Friday when it opened and put down a mushroon, pepper, and onion with grated cheese (no mozzarella).  When I moved back here in 2003, I shifted my lunch stop to York street.  Old stomping grounds.  That's probably why I have not tried Modern.  I did not have a connection to the place.

And as for Pizzaoilos, try it.  Seriously.

Modern has been the place since 2002. We moved to Bama in 2008, but luckily for me I have a pizza guy from Chicopee (via Italy/Turkey) and also a guy from Bethel, CT who is on the national pizza team and has won international awards in town now. I don't lack great pizza, but just not exactly New Haven style.