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 1. Who are some of your friends that have got their call ups in the BIGS?
 2. Whose blog do you follow most?
 3. Who has influenced you the most in your in your career...other than your family?
  4.  How often do you take a glance at WNFF!
Thanks for chatting with us!

Man, there are a lot of guys that were able to make their big league debuts over the last few years. The Padres are an organization that want to develop their own players in the minor leagues and give them a chance to play for the Major League team, so there were a lot of us that were able to make our debuts together.

I spend so much time practicing, playing, traveling, and blogging that I don’t get to follow as many people online as I would like. One player that I do read is Dirk Hayhurst. We played and roomed together for a few season with the Padres and he is a great writer, so I enjoy reading his stuff.

There are so many people that have influenced my career over the years it is tough to just name a few. I will say I have been very fortunate to have a number of great coaches over the years.

I will now check WNFF every day and tell all my friends and family to do so also or there will be trouble lol.