Author Topic: Elijah Dukes. Smokin weed and naming names.  (Read 4671 times)

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Re: Elijah Dukes. Smokin weed and naming names.
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Well, part of Dukes's time with the Nats overlapped with Dmitri Young, so that's at least one I would expect to be on his list. I have no problem believing that there are a significant number of players he would have encountered who smoked dope. MLB can deny things all they want, but it is ludicrous for them to expect people to believe that they are any different from any other sector of society. The peer pressure comment seems like a cop out though. I would doubt it is any secret on any club which group of guys to party with if you want to hang out in a hotel suite with strippers and get high. Dukes knew what the stakes were for his situation. The only real pressure on him should have been to keep his nose clean.