Author Topic: Elijah Dukes. Smokin weed and naming names.  (Read 4608 times)

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Re: Elijah Dukes. Smokin weed and naming names.
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Who cares? It's a dead story. Even if he named FotF as a dope smoker, what would happen? Nothing.

It's not against MLB rules.

Err... You totally misunderstood my point. My point was that MLB lied/strongly obfuscated the facts on this. That the Dr. did in fact tell them what was said in the conversations, even though they're trying to act like he didn't. Who knows what real repercussions MLB doled out because of whatever Dukes said, if they in fact did anything. (I am talking about the Nats release of Dukes.) something hinky definitely is going on as those two quotes show.

I think I've been extraordinarily vocal on this forum about my views on drugs. I'm a hardcore libertarian who wants them all legalized, as I've stated every time this comes up. So I don't know where you got the impression I want them punished. I would like an investigation/looking into about the smuggling of drugs on the team plane, since that's an entirely different matter. And anyone using drugs *during* a game should be out the door.

But my last post was strictly about what MLB is pulling here, and why they feel the need to try to hide the fact the doctor told them what Dukes said. If it weren't an issue, and nothing arose out of it, they wouldn't need to be pulling the "The doctor never talked to any MLB club, the Nationals included." while carefully leaving room open for the fact he talked directly to MLB, as the second quote clearly shows he did. But nowhere in my last post did I want a witch hunt for the players, nor anything negative about players using, so I don't know where you got the impression your reply implies. And I think if MLB had any part in Dukes mysterious release due to something he told a Dr., it's hardly a dead story.