Author Topic: Elijah Dukes. Smokin weed and naming names.  (Read 3126 times)

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Re: Elijah Dukes. Smokin weed and naming names.
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This is an interesting tidbit from MLB's response to Dukes allegations:

Obviously they went to great lengths to say he never told an MLB club what Dukes said. But didn't go so far as to say he never told anyone, which they certainly try to come across as saying. But then they admit they know Dukes never named names in his sessions, telling the world that they did find out what he told this doctor. So who knows how much truth is in Dukes story, but it would appear there is at least some given MLB is trying to obscure stuff with ridiculously careful wording to obfuscate bits of information.

Who cares? It's a dead story. Even if he named FotF as a dope smoker, what would happen? Nothing.

It's not against MLB rules.