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Quote from: "Dave B"
So, my girlfriend has expressed this desire to go fishing.  She was saying how she's always wanted to go fishing but nobody would ever take her, probably because she doesn't know anybody who actually fishes (including me). Her birthday is coming up and I thought it would be a good idea to go fishing.

A couple questions:

Is this feasible? Do I need some kinda of permit?
Where should I go? We're content to just cast our lines from the bank of a river/stream (and be able to drink beer). We probably dont care if we catch anything.
What kind of equipment do I need? Is it rentable? I;d imagine I could get budget stuff at sports authority.

Please help

Most places require a "fishing license" of some sort, especially if your going to local parks and lakes.

Rods, line, sinkers, hooks, bait.  Those are the main needs.  You probably don't want to get that much more advanced since its your first time.