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Re: Nats DSL Overhaul
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Good to see the Nats making some progress down there, but they still have a long way to go.  I do not really mind if they do not go for any big money signings [at the moment], as long as they are signing a good amount of the 150k-500k level players.  I would also love for the team to beef up there scouting in the Pacific Rim, specifically HS players in Korea and Japan.  But one problem at a time I suppose...

I agree with the quantity vs. quality approach, as long as they don't skimp too much on the quality end.  I'd rather have 10 100k guys tahn 1 1 mil guy when it comes to 16 year old prospects from the DR.

They also need to get these types of operations going in Venezuela and Colombia.  Venezuela should be relatively easy since baseball is such a big deal down there and there are established leagues with whom we might develop some kind of a relationship.