Author Topic: Angelos finally gets it? O's add to solid offseason and pick up Vlad  (Read 2405 times)

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Vlad is nothing. He costs nothing. The O's got spare parts and retreads and are headed right for last place.

I think they might finish better than last, fourth, maybe even third in the AL East, but that organization hasn't proved a damn thing for almost 13/14 seasons other than they hold no water in the AL East. Vlad will sell a few players t-shirts and knock a few out of the yard, but he is probably one injury away from retirement and the rest of the team needs to fulfill a lot of "ifs" to even begin to compete.

I predict a fast start out of the gate and an eventual mid-season decline and a finish of third or fourth in the AL East. I'm sure that will be enough to send those Warehouse Watchers into a frenzy.