Author Topic: Angelos finally gets it? O's add to solid offseason and pick up Vlad  (Read 1923 times)

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This would mean they are finishing second or first, because there's a lot of people who think the Jays are finishing 3d. 

I think the Os were bidding against themselves or paying a loser premium to have to pay Vladi $8MM to DH when Manny was signing for $2MM and Damon $5MM. 

I am not sold on Reynolds at all.  If Jose Bautista plays 3d, he is probably the worst offensive 3b in the division.  Lee is what Lee is.  Not saying he's bad, but there is a reason he and LaRoche were mentioned in the same breath, well after Dunn, Huff, Martinez, and a some others. Hardy has gone a couple years since he was a plus offensive player, but he deserves credit for his D.

I kind of hope McPhail looks to move Pie now for something.  I don't think there's a great match between the Nats and Os, but I would give him a shot at LF/CF here.

pie = bernadina, i would say.  but we have two OF holes, they have none.