Author Topic: KLaw: Nats farm system ranked 19th (Baseball America: 14th)  (Read 3978 times)

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I bet a lot of kids go to college then, which frankly is just fine with me.

I tend to lean the other way about what the kids will do. This is their time to cash in. In three years, there could be no overslot which means they are banking on becoming 1st rounders. For the top guys it's possible (like Gerrit Cole is in 2011) but if you think about the volume of HS seniors who are top 5-6 round talents, there aren't enough top 2 round picks for them to settle into.

I'd imagine we'll see the next tier guys (like Robbie Ray) sign for overslot deals in the mid-six figures this year rather than risk ending up with five figures in 2014