Author Topic: KLaw: Nats farm system ranked 19th (Baseball America: 14th)  (Read 3308 times)

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Where does Corey Brown rank on these lists?  He's a lot like Maxwell or Burgess - lots of tools (maybe a nod to Rizzo's former boss), lots of strikeouts.  I think BA had Burgess around 15 or 17.  Would Brown be higher up because of his success at AA?  Or lower because he's a couple of years older?

I still don't know why we didn't just keep Maxwell.  But if this guy learns to hit breaking balls, he could be useful.  Even if not, seems like he'll be a contributor as a 4th or 5th OF.

On a separate but related note, Rizzo ahs drafted a lot of MI recently.  With the lack of quality OF in th esystem, has there been any talk of converting them to outfielders?  Desmond helped demonstrate last year that it's not automatic that a SS can play OF.  But others have made that transition pretty successfully.