Author Topic: KLaw: Nats farm system ranked 19th (Baseball America: 14th)  (Read 3916 times)

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The Royals fired Ladnier in fall 2008. The recent drafts have been post-Ladnier.

Ladnier picks included:
Eric Hosmer
Mike Montgomery
Johnny Giavotella [/08]
Mike Moustakas
Sam Runion
Danny Duffy [/07]
Luke Hochevar
Blake Wood [/06]
Alex Gordon [05]

That's some good high school choices (Montgomery, Moustakas) but the record is not so impressive until you get to 2008, and even then, he was still fired.
Hochevar was a strict signability and budget pick.  Even Gordon was a bit of good fortune in that he was among the highest rated, local, and willing not to break the bank.  Still, you wonder what scouting they did considering who they passed on that went after him.  Duffy is a stud.