Author Topic: KLaw: Nats farm system ranked 19th (Baseball America: 14th)  (Read 4019 times)

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The Royals fired Ladnier in fall 2008. The recent drafts have been post-Ladnier.

Ladnier picks included:
Eric Hosmer
Mike Montgomery
Johnny Giavotella [/08]
Mike Moustakas
Sam Runion
Danny Duffy [/07]
Luke Hochevar
Blake Wood [/06]
Alex Gordon [05]

That's some good high school choices (Montgomery, Moustakas) but the record is not so impressive until you get to 2008, and even then, he was still fired.
I love Eric Hosmer, Mike Montgomery, Mike Moustakas. When did this Deric Ladnier guy join the Nats? I never heard of him.