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Re: Donating to WNFF
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I will happily donate, thank you Chief.

What made you change your mind?

Upgraded the server along with the new version of the forum software, it's getting pretty expensive.  Should be able to handle a lot of growth though, and no more slowdowns (aside from the random issue with the youtube embedding, still troubleshooting that).  I won't go broke if nobody donates, but the cost is high enough that I'm willing to accept some charity if people are willing to help out.

1)Set Up a Paypal account.
2) List Paypal account
3) State amount needed and it's intended use.
4) Up date donations received every couple of days.

Why not copy what Zuckerman did for his spring training trip? I have never used the service but it is at least familar to some Nationals fans. Free, as in beer, doesn't sound too bad either.

This is what I ended up setting up.  the Payment still goes through PayPayl though.

I'm in Chief but I don't wanna see any posts from Rio.   :)

Haha, I'll be sure to keep it on the DL.