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Re: Harper #3 Overall Prospect
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OK, from what I've gathered, the argument is about how good Harper is, and whether or not he can fail. Fact: He is already very good, especially for his age. At the AFL, far above his age level, he put up a .410 OBP, and I can't remember his SLG or OPS, but I know they were excellent. That was in limited ABs. There was a problem, though. He struck out 31% of his official at-bats. Yes, he was very good, and I'm probabaly nitpicking on this- but the fact is, that's a serious problem. Yes, he was in a much older age group, I get it. Do I believe he'll get over it? Sure. He's in a very good position right now, and he's right on track. But can he fail... of course he can. He'd already have to be a star in the Pros for that not to be an issue. Do I think he'll fail? No, I have no reason to believe that- he's more than exceeded expectations. But there is always the chance he'll bust. Always.