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Re: Harper #3 Overall Prospect
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not really, you say the hype different than Weiters because people only call him the best catcher in baseball (before he's every played in the majors), I say the hype is the same, even the source you cited placed him as almost-once in a generation- by definition that isn't the best hitter ever
Which is why it is nit-picky.  He also said he was "maybe the best amateur hitting prospect ever."  Then in the next paragraph he used the phrase "almost once-in-a-generation talent" which doesn't seem to be referring to him specifically as a hitter.  He also used phrases that make Bryce Harper sound a bit decent such as, "It is almost impossible to overstate how much potential this guy has."  Also, if your biggest criticism of Bryce Harper is that the scout who said he could be the best hitting prospect ever also said that he was merely "almost a once-in-a-generation talent" that kinda makes Harper seem good.