Author Topic: Ramos, Norris listed among Top 10 Catching prospects in baseball  (Read 1305 times)

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I'd give more weight to his most recent period of play, since he's a young guy still developing.

In 2009 for 106 PA's, .301 .371 .505.  That's not a weak bat at any position, much less catcher.

And the earlier seasons have to be understood in the context of a rule 5 guy plucked out of A+ ball.  He's had to develop at the MLB level probably 2 years before he should have.  He's got good power, a decent eye, and he's not a bad defensive catcher either.

I still say best case scenario is Pudge gets moved now, Flores plays well for 3-4 months and is packaged as part of a deal and Ramos/Norris is the projection to start next year.