Author Topic: Ramos, Norris listed among Top 10 Catching prospects in baseball  (Read 1538 times)

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Flores' bat was behind because we picked him up as a rule 5 and he skipped two levels.  09 was a heck of a start before his shoulder fell off.  This is a guy who, while playing at the MLB level before ready, put up 2.3 WAR in 627 PA and had put up a 0.9 WAR in 09 in only 106 PA.  His 09 BB% was around where his 08 AAA BB% was which indicates a 24 year old learning to hit at the MLB level.  He had some pop for sure.  20 HR in A+ for the Muts before we picked him up.  8 HR in 301 PA in 08.  4 HR in 106 PA in 09.

I'll still wouldn't bank on anything from him but it would be a great trade piece if he puts up a .750+ OPS for a couple of months while showing signs of his HR power returning.  I don't think a return to the .877 he was putting up in 09 is feasible right away.