Author Topic: The Official 2011 MLB Mock Draft Thread  (Read 28694 times)

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Re: The Official 2011 MLB Mock Draft Thread
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It's not usual for draft picks to make the pros so quickly.

I certainly wouldn't expect a draft pick this year to be in the rotation next year... even more so for Cole who's probably good 3-4 years away from even being close to competing for a rotation spot.

Yeah, you're probably right.  I had in mind someone like Mike Leake or another polished college pitcher.  But yeah, it's not common at all to find those types.  Maybe someone else can step up then, like Pea**** or Milone.  Or maybe they sign or trade for someone. 

But I still think we should draft pitchers and try to develop them.  The position guys - we can use the rest of the draft and free agency on them.  Especially at the ML level, postiion players are a lot easier to buy than pitchers.