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Re: The Official 2011 MLB Mock Draft Thread
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I dunno - it looks unusual to me.  I don't know jack about pitching motions and how they affect pitching injuries - but unusual motions kind of scare me.

If he holds up this season though, sign me up.  If he gets hurt, he gets hurt.  What can you do? 

But I'm up for drafting three pitchers with our three top picks with the hope that we can get one more front of the rotation guy to go with Stras and Znn. 

Stras, Zimmermann, 2011 draft pick, Solis, and Lannan would be pretty solid in 2012.  If Maya, Detweiler, AJ Cole, or someone else steps up, then all the better.

It's not usual for draft picks to make the pros so quickly.

I certainly wouldn't expect a draft pick this year to be in the rotation next year... even more so for Cole who's probably good 3-4 years away from even being close to competing for a rotation spot.