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"It's interesting: A lot of things he does—" Bauer pauses again, "—annoy me. We're two different personalities. He's very loud, kind of a vocal leader, in a sense. So at practices, he's the one getting guys fired up—you know, 'Yeah, great play!'—that kind of stuff. I'm more of the sit-back, keep-to-myself, quiet, lead-by-example type. So when he's out there yelling, for me it's just like, 'Oh Gerrit, just shut up.' But I'm sure when I'm sitting there talking to someone about overlaying video and looking at pitch breaks and stuff like that, he's probably sitting there thinking, 'Oh Bauer, shut up.' You know? So I think we have a pretty good relationship, for being two vastly, vastly different personality types."

Maybe I'm just biased because I'm quiet and excessively nerdy and never fit in with athletes and I'm totally a Bauer personality type.

Or maybe it's that Trevor Bauer is really -- wait for it -- AWESOME:

"He's interesting to watch pitch," Cole says of Bauer. "He can really set somebody up and make them look stupid."

"I like making hitters look stupid," Bauer says. "That's fun."