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Re: The Official 2011 MLB Mock Draft Thread
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This is the quote from that website on why Jackie Bradley falls in their latest mock:

Jackie Bradley and Josh Bell are two players I feel have the greatest chance to slip a little in the draft. I could see Bradley going as high as number five overall to the Royals at this stage, but if he doesn't I could see him falling a little since the teams between the Royals at #5 and the Red Sox at #19 have a history of shying away from pricier picks and/or Scott Boras advisees.

I'm not sure why whoever writes for that site hasn't taken notice of Rizzo's relationship with Boras and two rather high profile, high dollar draftees we've taken the past couple of years.  The writer does say that he takes into account teams with multiple high draft picks wanting spread their draft money around and pick less pricey options.  I don't see how we come away with a high schooler with a strong football commitment in that scenario, though.
The guy who wrote that said in the comment section "Sorry for not being more clear, but I felt the Nationals were somewhat implied since I had them taking Bubba Starling."