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Guillens Team/Vidro's Team
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Sounds like more than just you are finding excuses to trade Vidro. He's a great second baseman, but your point that the team had more fire while he was out is right on. Because of Vidro's influence (he's never been the play hard and give all type of guy) it would be better for the Nats if he was traded.

How's this for SUPER SHAKE UP?

Trade Jose Vidro, Nick Johnson, Tony Armas, Sunny Kim, Marlon Byrd and 1 or 2 minor league pitchers (Rick Rundles and/or Saul Rivera?) to Texas for Alfonso Soriano, Mark Teixeira (local kid) Kevin Mench (almost a local) and Joaquin Benoit.

Trade Brad Wilkerson, Luis Ayala and Michael Hinckley to Tampa Bay for Julio Lugo and Danys Baez

Then purchase lefty Matt White's contract to fill Armas' spot in the rotation. After The White move, the Nats will have 3 empty spots on their 40 man roster, leaving room to maneuver when Mateo and other players come off the 60 day DL

So does all that have enough SHOCK value? LOLOL