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Guillens Team/Vidro's Team
« Topic Start: July 21, 2005, 08:56:27 AM »
Dammit Rileyn, you opened a can of worms with this Vidro discussion.  

Is this Guillen's Team or Vidro's Team?  

Maybe when vidro was out, it was Guillen's team and he had people fired up, even if they were afraid of him.  I dont know if now he defers to Vidro's leadership or what.  But given guillen's personality (childish or whatever). He seems to want to be "The Man".  

When he was The Man (when Vidro was out).  We were winning and he was happy and people were fired up.  Vidro comes back and guillen starts mouthing off in the papers and getting mad at loaiza. The same type of things that happened in Anaheim, plying in Guerrero's shadow.

I also seem to remember that Guillen was slumping early in the year with men on base.  I dont know what the correlation is with guillen playing poorly with vidro in the lineup.

I just think that Guillen is immature and needs to be The Man.  You probably cant change this, except by making him The Man, and he seems to fill that role nicely.

Am I making too much out of Vidro's leadership presence? Ken or one of you other monteal guys can probably answer that.