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Re: Bryce Harper artwork
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Yeah, when I said the Nats probably wouldn't be in a rush to send Harper to Harrisburg, that's what I was getting at...that they would more than likely keep moving him a class at a time, and would hit Potomac next -- sorry, should have specified what I meant there.  I was essentially getting at the idea that I'm sure they will be very careful with him to make sure he's not "rushed" to the big leagues and higher classes before he's ready.

Anyways, wanted to pass along an updated pic of the painting.  I've got a few extra days off this week, so I'm hoping to make more progress later on in the week.  I mostly focused on toning down some shadows and adding some stronger hightlights today.  Added some skin tones that I can then add some shadows and highlights to later on as well.  Just pluggin' away.  Sometimes the detail work just takes a while to really come together.