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Re: Bryce Harper artwork
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yeah, that's the prevailing thought on where he'll start the season.  i know potomac is also a possibility, but considering all the promotions that hagerstown has put together featuring Harper, i fully expect Harper to be stationed in the SAL for at least the 1st half of the season.  if he rakes in hagerstown, i don't think the nats are going to be in a huge rush to send him to harrisburg...but would be a real test to see how he handles AA pitching as an 18-yr old.  i would say june of '12 is the absolute earliest Harper sees a Nats uni in the regular season -- i think that would save them a year of service time if they wait til june of '12 or '13...but, i could be wrong there.
I could live with that because I love close to Hagerstown, and it'd be easy for me to go to some games ;)