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Re: Bryce Harper artwork
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Got mine on Thursday. It looks great and Jason is a class act.

Thanks guys, I appreciate it!
And, in regards to the planned uniform if using the Nats unis, I am in fact planning on using the red Nats unis for the very reason you mentioned...a very strong contrast to a white background.  However, I do have plans if I need to create both.  Essentially, I am going to wait until Harper's "official" assignment during Spring Training to see which team he winds up playing for...though it's almost certainly going to be Hagerstown at this point.  With that said, should the Suns be interested in prints of the painting, I will merely have the painting (pre-uniform) scanned and have a print run on fine art paper almost identical to that of the watercolor painting of the original...leaving me "essentially" with 2 paintings of the same thing.  However, will leave me with both options.  In this case, I would finish the Suns painting first so as to expedite the printing process.  Then, come back to the Nats uniform painting and finish that one.

The big issue will be if I have to license the prints through MiLB -- which I've done before and is an enormous hassle quite honestly.  MiLB drug their feet the entire time and delayed the printing process nearly 4 needlesstosay, I would prefer to not even both with them.  Thanks for the input guys!