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Re: Bryce Harper artwork
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I haven't completely eliminated the idea of adding a background at some point, but it's really going to depend on what happens with Harper's assignment.  One of the MiLB teams that Harper is likely to be assigned to, has expressed interest in prints of the painting, should he wind up with, should I luck out, and that work out, then I will more than likely leave that decision up to them.   But that's still a long way away, and out of my hands so to speak, so I'm going to just keep pluggin away on the parts of the painting that I can finish and go from there.  I appreciate your input, and I agree that almost all paintings look better with a background -- just a matter of how things shake out.  There's also the matter of someday having the painting signed by Harper -- which can be sort of tricky if the background is "busy", and trying to instruct the player/handler on where to sign.

But, anyways, thanks for checking it out!  And, yeah, feel free to buy as many prints as you like!  I have sold an 18"x24" print of the Zimmerman on here, and am planning on printing an 18"x24" for myself as well.  It's one of my favorite paintings I've done, so I'm looking forward to printing one and getting it hung up.