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Re: Bryce Harper artwork
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Honestly, I'm still not settled on whether or not I'll add a background for the Harper piece.  It all depends on what uniform he winds up in.  If the MiLB stuff falls through, I'm currently leaning towards one of the Nats new uniforms...possibly the red jersey, as it would give a very strong contrast to a white background.  But, will depend a great deal on what happens with either of the potential destinations for Harper's 1st full pro season.  And, in regards to the SF wall, it's actually the first and only time I've used that background in one of my paintings.

The Zimmerman, I should have stated, is actually an oil painting, and not a watercolor.  And, I don't currently have any prints available for it, but they will be available sometime very soon!  I will more than likely have them available in 11"x17" and 18"x24" (original size), but haven't decided just yet.  I'll be sure to post on here when I have everything up and ready to sell on the Zimmerman artwork!