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Re: Bryce Harper artwork
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It's the LF wall in SF...I think a huge Chevron ad if I'm not mistaken.

Perfect background to really make that stand out. I think I still prefer the Harper piece, realizing it's still got a background left to add. Comparing the two right now, obviously the Zimmerman is much better, but when you add the background, that Harper watercolor is going to be fantastic.

I'm just curious, do you often use the SF backdrop of the Chevron ad in other action pieces? Like I said, it really makes the piece pop out and highlights Zimmerman's flying grab perfectly. I'd be shocked it that isn't a frequently used background for you. Not only for the reasons mentioned where it causes the player to pop out, but using watercolors, those cartoon cars were just made for them.

Thanks for posting the Zimmerman piece... As you can tell, I think we all enjoy your work, probably due as much to the rarity of painted sports stars as to your talent. You'd think you'd see it as fairly popular for sports fans, but I guess in this day and age, people would rather have a poster with an action photo than combining their favorite team and artwork into one bundle for household decoration. I know seeing your work has got me considering removing a poster from my Nats area at home with all the bobble heads, giveaways and crystal pieces given out to ST holders and replacing it with one of your pieces eventually.