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Trade Vidro
« Topic Start: July 21, 2005, 08:19:23 AM »
Not to be reactionary, but rileyn brought up how he may be "hurting the team".  And if you believe in ESPN' Bill Simmons' "Patrick Ewing Theory".  Trading Vidro could be a valuable proposition for us.  I think there are a lot of teams who would want him.

Notably, the Red Sox. I think they are dying to replace Bellorn's Guzman-esque .207 avg in the lineup.  I dont really know what they have that we would want, or who we would replace vidro with.  Possibly a trade for Soriano.  It would definitely be a blockbuster.  Or maybe the Sox would just try to get Soriano themselves, and this becomes moot.

I'm not dying to trade Vidro, but it could be interesting and fun.