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Re: snow watch 2010/11
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Travel worked like a charm.  The Amtrak was full all the way down from Providence to BWI.  We were hung up with a switch problem just before the Providence station for over an hour, but made up the time by the time we left NYC (at least they said it was a switch problem, but I noticed outside my window was a gentleman's club, apparently closed for the holiday).  Only complaint with the trip was problems watching other people's DVD player / laptops.  The guy in front of me only got to the point in Gladiator when Maximus is in a 1 on 6 fight in the ring (I was watching off the reflection in the window), while the woman next to me was watching some vampire / zombie series, The Walking Dead.  The latter was not my taste. 

Poor souls who were planning to go to Newport News ended up stranded in Richmond, with Amtrak backing out of providing alternative transport.  Not cool.

a few years ago I was scheduled to fly from boston to dulles, it was snowing in boston and there was an ice storm in the D.C. area.  I cancelled my flight and took Acela home, it took 5 1/2 hours but I still beat my plane by 30 minutes (even after accounting for the 45 minute cab ride from Union to Dulles to get my car.