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Frank Robinson kind of lost it during the playing of the National Anthem.  Despite having heard it played nearly 6,000 times, tears were streaming down his face as it played for this, his last game.  A tribute video is being played with highlights of his career, plus many shots as the Nationals manager.  There are LOTS of signs in the stadium today.  LOL, the announcer said, "I call you to the microphone in the Curly W."  But he's wearing an interlocking DC cap, standing next to his wife and daughter, as they play the theme from the baseball film, The Natural.

Frank said he was happy to even be able to play in the majors for more than one year.  He graciously congratulated today's opponent, the New York Mets, for winning the NL-East.  (They smiled and waved to him from their dugout.)  He choked up as he thanked the Nationals for retaining him as manager for the last two years.  He said he didn't realize how much the Washington fans would open their arms for him and the team.

He plans to continue some kind of work in baseball.  He said that he really appreciated Washington fans who saw him in public, and said, "Don't worry about losing - we're just glad to have you here."  The entire Mets team came onto the field and hugged Frank and shook his hand.  The Nationals' bullpen came out to do the same.  It very much reminds me of when Cal Ripken broke Lou Gehrig's consecutive game played record.

Thanks, Frank!  And now the game will begin.