Author Topic: LIVAN HERNANDEZ OUT FOR SEASON?????  (Read 5675 times)

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Quote from: "LetsGoNats"
Kenz- can you give a little more background on what you are talking about?  I just found this site, so I'm a little lost.   I gather that you heard Hernandez talking very angrily in Spanish about another player, but can you provide some context?  When & where was it?   Had something happened in particular that game do you think?

It took place a couple years ago after a game at the Big Oh. A friend and I, along with a bunch of others, were waiting around for the players to ask for autographs. The first player out was Hernandez, and his fuming and talking to some guy he was walking out with took everyone by surprise. His being mad like he was, kinda had us stepping back. Whether we stepped back out of fear or to respect his privacy I cant say, because it wasn't anything any of us was expecting.

As for more info, allI can say is, scroll up... I've typed in everything I remember...