Author Topic: LIVAN HERNANDEZ OUT FOR SEASON?????  (Read 5671 times)

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Quote from: "Kenz aFan"
I'm on my way to bed, so IM is out... But before this gets out of hand, I cant say with 100% certainty that the player Livan has the problem with is Vidro, it could be another player. Because the very little Spanish I know, isn't very good, and I could have easily misunderstood some things I heard him say while he was talking to the person with him. Livan was mad, really mad, with which player to say 100%, I'm not sure... I was sure I heard the name Vidro, but that may not be what he said, because he was spitting out his words, he was so mad.

It made waiting around for autographs really awkward and needless to say, none of us asked him for an autograph that day. In fact we kinda all left pretty fast.

One reason I have always been sure he was talking about Vidro that day was what one of the other autograph seekers said to his friend while they were leaving too, and that was, "Holy crap, is he ever pissed at that player, I wonder what he did?" so that, along with the Vidro sounding name/word has had me thinking Hernandez cant stand Vidro...

Whatever, or whoever is the problem, I think the next few days will tell... If he IS mad at a player and its not Vidro, there aren't that many left who were with the Expos 2 years ago...

when was this? last season?

my thinking is that he is upset with either Frank, the Team's management, or the team's Owner(s)(or perhaps the lack of true Owners).

but I defer to the Montrealers, because they know more intimate history of this team than I do.