Author Topic: LIVAN HERNANDEZ OUT FOR SEASON?????  (Read 6251 times)

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Quote from: "JMadisonIV"
Livan is PISSED.

that is why he is contemplating having the surgery and ending his season.

nobody knows WHY he is pissed, but he is.

Are you kidding???? the way his team has stopped playing these past two weeks is reason enough for anyone to be pissed. I don't blame him a bit. He sending a message, if you want to quit and give up, I'll show you what quiting and giving up really mean... I think he's saying it and tomorrow he'll do a I'm gonna wait and see thing and if the guys pick up their game, he'll tough it out. If they roll over and play dead, he's gonna have the surgery...

I assume he did the radio interview with his teammates within ear shot?