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Your criticism was of our ability to draft homegrown talent to comprise our rosters.  If you trade homegrown talent for solid starters...what's the problem?  You clearly had one.

because the rate at which we're trading guys is faster than our ability to plug in holes cheaply. it was a major issue last year that we had 0 pitchers in our system capable of stepping in as a #5 starter. It's not really sustainable to bank on hitting on all your first-round picks and then using free agency and an international player here or there to carry you to a full roster. we're in win-now mode and the next 5 years look like a Rendon extension, Turner extension and, eventually Soto & (hopefully) Robles getting their due in arbitration. Max, Stras and Corbin are paid a ton. We're going to need to fill in holes cheaply and we really have struggled at that and I'm just not seeing where we plug all our holes. Kieboom looks great, but he's in AA. Who knows. What if Rendon leaves? What if Max falls off a cliff in the next 2 years?

with the way the lerners talk about staying under the luxury tax we can't just keep whiffing on rounds 2-20 or trading every single decent prospect.